New Topic added to – Homeowners Insurance.  Homeowners Insurance in Florida is difficult due to the risk of hurricanes and the previous destruction we have suffered from hurricanes.  Purchasing Insurance and the cost of the coverage is an important factor to consider when looking at any home for sale in Lakeland, Florida or homes for sale anywhere else in the state of Florida for that matter.

A large number of Homeowners Insurance Companies have withdrawn from the Florida Market.  You can check in with this section of the blog to get tips on shopping for home insurance and important news and updates about property insurance in Florida. 

Home owners insurance in Florida is regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services under the leadership of CFO Alex Sink.  The department website has some great resources to help you shop for insurance.  You can learn more at

With all of the insurance companies leaving Florida, the state created Citizens Property Insurance in 2002.  The purpose of Citizens Insurance was to provide insurance to Florida Home Owners or Buyers of Homes For Sale in Florida who could not obtain home insurance elsewhere.  Citizens acts as the insurance company of “last resort” to make home insurance available to everyone in Florida.